CHOSEN was a finalist for the 2018 Golden Brick Award by Filmspotting, “the flagship film podcast.” The show’s producers explain the award: "Inspired by writer/director Rian Johnson's debut movie BRICK—and the show's near-constant praise of it—every year Filmspotting champions its favorite overlooked/under-the-radar films with the Golden Brick Awards." Criteria for the award includes a clear directorial vision/artistic ambition.


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Sister Amata has an incredible talent for focusing a shot, properly angling the camera, and capturing some beautiful and delightful imagery. She finds a natural way to film the nuns while preserving the anonymity many of them desire.

"I've watched it twice and honestly - wow. I love it. The style is perfect; the editing maintains pace and the content is very interesting and private without seeming either too observational or too intruding. Heather is a fantastic character and her enthusiasm and self-awareness shine throughout the project."
– Beckie Stocchetti, Executive Director of the Hawaii International Film Festival

(This) window into the world of contemplatives ...
is a one-of-a-kind film — filling a void
previously filled by Hollywood or perceived as so mysterious
that stereotypes fill by default.
— Carol Coburn, PhD and Professor of Religious Studies and Women's and Gender Studies at Avila University

"There is a beauty in the personal, handmade quality of this film that made one feel so close to the subject. It felt like we were being told a secret, contemplating the life of those on screen with a muted intensity — almost in a way similar to a prayer."
– Donna Kozloskie, Features Programmer for Citizen Jane Film Festival

It was wonderfully startling
to see a film
that is totally woman-based.

"This feature gives a rare insight into the life of such a secluded religious order and one can only appreciate and respect the choice these women make in the search of their destiny and purpose in life."
– Cleveland International Film Festival